Satellite two Way Radio Has Gone Portable – Sirius vs XM

What’s your favourite feature of the zigbee communication device? In my opinion, I much like the design job – It is cooler than an Inuit’s underpants!

walkie talkie earphonesSatellite Radio Has Gone Portable – XM vs Sirius

I for one have thought seriously about subscribing to a Satellite Radio Account. There have been several reasons why I have delayed signing up though. At first it was about the cost. That is not really an issue now. Then it was the choice of radios. I wanted one that I could use in my car and one that is handheld for my workouts.

If you have ever driven cross country you know what is like to loose a great radio station and then have to search for another. The scratch and static is annoying but you hope to be able to hear the end of the song or the next sentence of a talk radio host. Finally, when you can no longer understand or stand the noise you hit the search button.

Sirius Satellite Radio See all 4 photos Satellite Radio on the Move Enter – Satellite Radio in the USA. Although Satellite walkie talkie has been in existence before 2001 it was intended for stationary listening. In 2001 Satellite radio went mobile. Sirius and XM utilizing different systems started to provide similar entertainment services to the busy and always on the move US listeners. Sirius with its elliptical orbits and XM with its repeaters fill the bill.

The diversity of Satellite radio is achieved due to gigantic amounts of digital and CD (Sirius’s 7 terabytes vs XM’s 22 terabytes) storage and the ability to retransmit programming from off site locations such as sporting events, news broadcasts and entertainment venues. Files kept in storage is continually being updated and refreshed. Sirius and XM also maintain numerous studios where artists can perform their acts live.

Now back to my original attraction to mobile Satellite Radio. My interest began to peak once the portable-handheld radios began to surface. They are not inexpensive by any means but they are becoming more accessible. Below I have listed several Satellite Radios. Another option is to listen to Satellite Radio on an internet enabled PDA or cell phone.

The next hurdle is to decide which service (Sirius vs XM) to subscribe to. Although both services are very similar, their programming is different. The decision will be based on the availability of the type of programming that you prefer. For example, if sports are your favorite programming – research each to see which offers programming closest to your preferences.

Listed below are highlights of each service.