Walkie Talkie Frequency Technology To Lead The Retail Future 

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Although Retail Changing, but how to buy things, the right to choose also Consumption By hand, the customer is God’s truth has not changed, but Service Customer’s content has undergone a slight change. And change the survival of the fittest.

Consumers in the eyes of two Way Radio frequency technology

Retail world a revolution is brewing. Customers in the mall can be Tag , Learned that a fish’s bottom line: Where is produced, Genetic Gene, on what benefits people; “smart shopping cart”, which recognize the items into the car and figure out the price, as long as you can walk the balance sheet channel of payment; mall staff, inventory of goods no longer have to worry about what happened. In Truck Moment of storage, intelligent systems have already started counting. Number of orders, the actual purchase amount of the sale of goods on the shelves, the need for replenishment, etc., these data can be found in the system at any time.

Principles of radio frequency technology

This wonderful mystery shopping is that RFID (Radio frequency) applications. RFID system is the core of a small radio Chip , Can be applied to the product label, then with the reading device can get the appropriate information. It is to produce and Transport Process as a starting point, can be traced to the goods in the international freight lines for each stage of the state.

Radio frequency technology

RFID is the reason for change will cause the retail industry. Because it brings not only convenient, but also changed the store’s Management , The goods from the data to the financial Security To purchase orders and then to service personnel, management of all aspects different from the past; it accelerated the pace of supply chain operations, according to statistics, the use of new technology to make the goods from the factory to the shelves of the average time from a week reduced to one day half.

Future Store Initiative is the retailers and consumer goods IT Industry and Services Cooperation Development of innovative retail technology, participants are German retail giant Metro, the United States, Wal-Mart and Tesco. RFID technology has several retail giants in this business practice, some use up. Can be expected, to participate in future competition in the retail industry, RFID or related technologies and equipment will ultimately can not be avoided.

Technically come out on top in the peer business is bound to take the forefront. May lead changes in the industry may adapt to changes in the industry. Future competition in the retail trade but not necessarily a fundamental change. Technical equipment in the final analysis is to learn things through the learning management tools also increased. Are in line with the consumer mind, deal with various business state change, it is necessary pondering. The face of erratic consumer psychology, consumer tendency to different consumer groups, almost none of the retail model may be invincible. [Keyword Search]: Toys Retail RF Technology Market Large In Small Print I want to comment

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