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    Agreement between Terabeam and Proxim Wireless Lan Seamless transition eliminates disruption to. 

    apc device communications not establishedAgain a different article i thought was fascinating around the business of two way radio parts’s, what would you do if i didn’t post this ehh? you’d have to find the initial content, the chances that you found it would be slim, so deem yourself fortunate that i’ve shared this glorious article with you.

    Terabeam Wireless Signs Agreement to buy all the assets of Proxim Corporation Guarantees Ongoing Delivery of Wi-Fi and Broadband Wireless Access Solutions Terabeam and Proxim joined in to the Kenwood TK3301 purchase agreement after Proxim declared Terabeam our prime bidder within the court-approved auction held regarding the Proxim’s Chapter 11 Personal bankruptcy Filing.

    The agreement between Terabeam and Proxim is anticipated to supersede Proxim’s earlier plans to market substantially all its assets to Moseley Affiliates. The transaction is susceptible to final approval through the US Personal bankruptcy Court for District of Delaware and it is likely to close on or before This summer 29, 2005. As rapidly as practical after closing, Terabeam will move its headquarters to Proxim’s San Jose facility and can assume responsibility for Proxim’s ongoing sales also for support from the Proxim products with the combined company’s worldwide distribution funnel. The combined company may have significant presence in wireless LAN for Motorola radios point-to-multipoint and point-to-point wireless marketplaces and can continue its product development pipeline to deal with possibilities within the WiMAX and wireless mesh marketplaces.

    The parties anticipate ongoing they are driving the Proxim brands and therefore are dedicated to a seamless transition that eliminates disruption to Proxim’s clients, funnel partners, employees and providers. “This is a superb chance for Terabeam too for our particular clients and employees” states Robert Fitzgerald, ceo of Terabeam. “We’ll have the ability to offer best-of-breed wireless solutions in just about any arena, from Wi-Fi through wireless Giga-bit Ethernet. We will always be very astounded by Proxim’s distribution system, and that we anticipate growing on their own strong funnel close ties. We anticipate getting together two energetic organizations and think that we are able to accelerate product and our position on the market while keeping the financial discipline to attain lucrative procedures.” “We percieve this transaction as an chance to team having a company by having an aggressive and focused growth strategy,” stated Kevin Duffy, leader and leader officer of Proxim. “With this particular agreement, we mix our talent and technology to achieve time-to-market advantage, exceed the anticipation and needs in our combined clients, and grow the general adoption of wireless networking.” Underneath the the resource purchase agreement, Terabeam will acquire and assume the majority of the domestic and foreign procedures of Proxim for any cost of roughly $28,000,000, susceptible to certain changes and breaks.

    Additionally, upon Court approval, Terabeam is obligated to supply debtor-in-possession financing, that will ultimately be subtracted on the cost. As formerly revealed in Proxim’s public filings using the Investments and Exchange Commission, consequently of Proxim’s outstanding obligations to the creditors, no arises from the purchase of Proxim’s assets is going to be given to Proxim stockholders. About Terabeam Wireless Terabeam Wireless may be the business title of YDI Wireless, Corporation. Terabeam Wireless is really a world leader in supplying extended range, license-free wireless data equipment and it is a number one designer of turnkey lengthy distance wireless systems varying from 9600 bps to at least one.42 Gbps for programs for example wi-fi, wireless video, wireless LANs, wireless WANs, wireless Guys, and wireless virtual private systems. Proxim Corporation designs and sells wireless networking equipment for Wi-Fi and broadband wireless systems.

    The organization is supplying its enterprise and repair provider clients with wireless solutions for that mobile enterprise, security and surveillance, last mile access, voice and knowledge backhaul, public locations, and metropolitan area systems. This press release and much more details about Proxim are available on the internet at http://world wide web.proxim.com . Safe Harbor Claims within this pr release that aren’t claims of historic details, including claims concerning the considered purchase of Proxim’s assets and associations by Terabeam Wireless and also the publish-acquisition company’s business outlook or expected performance, items, or developments, are forward-searching claims which involve risks, questions, and presumptions. There might be no assurance the acquisition referred to in this pr release or other proper transaction between Terabeam and Proxim is going to be consummated.

    Terabeam’s, Proxim’s, and also the publish-acquisition company’s actual results may vary materially in the results anticipated during these forward-searching claims. The forward-searching claims involve risks and questions that may lead to such variations including individuals relevant towards the companies’ ability and require to fulfill the circumstances to closing the transaction established within the definitive transaction documentation (including, without limitation, the necessity to have the approval from the personal bankruptcy court) the substantial some time and costs each company is going to be spending and taking on relevant to some considered transaction the capability to obtain any necessary regulating home loan approvals and clearances required to consummate a transaction developments in and results of the personal bankruptcy process, such as the possible negative effects around the companies’ business which Proxim might seek Chapter Seven personal bankruptcy protection when an alternate isn’t available Proxim’s requirement for financing throughout and thru the personal bankruptcy process and also the risk the financing provided regarding the the considered transaction is going to be inadequate ale the businesses to integrate inside a cost-effective, timely manner without material liabilities or lack of preferred employees, clients, or providers the risk the expected synergies along with other together with your transaction won’t be recognized whatsoever in order to the extent expected the danger that financial savings in the transaction might not be fully recognized.

    Or they might take longer to understand than expected responses, either negative or positive, of traders, rivals, clients, providers, employees, yet others towards the transaction time and charges needed to accomplish the considered transaction for 2 way radio after which integrate the businesses management and board curiosity about and distraction because of the considered transaction and integrating the businesses the uncertain effect on the buying and selling market, volume, and cost of Terabeam’s stock, specifically in light of the quantity of Terabeam’s cash to become compensated within the transaction the recession and continuing uncertainty within the telecommunications industry and bigger economy the brilliant competition within the companies’ industries and resulting impacts on their own prices, gross margins, and general financial performance difficulties or delays in developing and delivering new items using the considered or preferred features, performance, cost, cost, along with other qualities the impacts and results of every other proper transactions Terabeam may evaluate or consummate and difficulties in predicting the publish-acquisition company’s future financial performance. More information on these and additional factors that may modify the actual outcomes of Terabeam, Proxim, or even the publish-acquisition clients are and will also be incorporated in filings made by Terabeam and Proxim every once in awhile using the Investments and Exchange Commission as well as in the companies’ other public claims.

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    Walkie Talkies for Stadia 

    This piece is posted with the strict consent of walkie talkie amazon.co.uk, that is the original site. please get permission from that blog before reposting this editorial.

    With tens of thousands of people attending individual stadium events for sport and entertainment, the challenges facing management, safety offices and emergency services are both large in scale and complex.

    Reducing the risks of accidents, petty crime, anti-social behaviour, public disorder and even acts of terrorism while managing the efficient flow of spectators, participants, VIPs, vehicles, goods and services at multiple entry and exit points, especially in the event of a major incident, is a major logistical feat.

    In most cases the burden of responsibility to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice and the safety and security of the stadium and those within it falls upon the Stadium Safety Officer. One of the most powerful assets at their disposal in implementating a stadiums safety and security strategy during events is the ability for all cross functional teams to communicate with each other, their counterparts and the emergency services instantly, reliably and effectively anywhere on site.

    While Kenwood analogue licensed and license-free PMR446 radios have already been proven in service at stadia and events around the world for many years, more and more facilities are upgrading to Kenwoods NEXEDGE trunked Digital Two-Way radio solutions to provide clear and reliable multi-user voice and data communications and the flexibility to design a scalable digital radio communications network to suit their range and capacity requirements. NEXEDGE digital radios additionally feature Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode, which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios, whatever the make, to provide a straightforward and economical migration path from analogue to the benefits of advanced digital two way radio communications.

    All NEXEDGE hand portable walkie talkies additionally conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal for operation in open or harsh environments.

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    THE SHIFT TO DIGITAL, why NASCAR choose Motorola 

    communication device typesWhat will you do if i said I have found a two way radio repair short article that is not only fascinating but educational as well? I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here it is the enlightening, excellent and interesting article

    NASCAR officials have enthusiastically embraced MOTOTRBO, and they applaud the benefits it has brought to the NASCAR experience. Smooth Management of Communications Traffic MOTOTRBO does a super job for us, according to Kerry Tharp, Director of Communications, NASCAR. You have to communicate pre-race, during the race, and most importantly for us, post-race because when the race is over, thats when our media operation kicks in for us full-bore. We bring in our top three drivers for interviews; we bring in our winning driver to the victory lane, and we also check in on the garage to make sure that post-race is going along as it should. We have to make sure were communicating quickly and concisely. Through MOTOTRBO, were able to do our jobs a whole lot better than we have in the past.

    A Clear Road for Communications Digital provided a measurable improvement over NASCARs old system, which sometimes had a slower response time. MOTOTRBO has taken NASCAR to a whole new level. Steve Lowery, Chief Scorer, NASCAR, explains, With the old system, there was a lot of interference. Sometimes you couldnt hear at all because of static. With MOTOTRBO, its much clearer.

    Consistency and Reliability
    Youd Expect from a Winner According to David Hoots, Managing Event Director, NASCAR, one of the most important benefits is extended battery life because some of our days are extremely long. We have to be able to communicate consistently and reliably. MOTOTRBO has done a super job for us. Hoots adds that MOTOTRBO is the first step toward an even more comprehensive communications system: We took the opportunity to start with a very solid foundation and we will grow with the capabilities the 2 way radios offer. With a digital system, were going to reap the benefits for years to come. With the old system, there was a lot of interference. Sometimes you couldnt hear at all because of static. Now, with MOTOTRBO, its much clearer.

    Robust Enough for the Toughest Environments The NASCAR study, Hoots recalls, determined that the organization needed one clear and uninterrupted communication system, and because we move from venue to venue, were faced with a big challenge. The robust, durable and adaptable MOTOTRBO system was able to move from location to location over 56 events every year, almost every month of the year for quick deployment and certain performance. Reliability, says Hoots, is of utmost importance. We cannot have a product that is going to fail. We must have the most robust system possible, so MOTOTRBO is the right system for us. According to Michael Helton, President, NASCAR, Fans have become interested in the entertainment aspect of listening in, so we still want an analogue system going out for fans who still use analog radios. The ability of MOTOTRBO to support digital and analogue communications made it the perfect selection for
    this blended environment that had to accommodate fans in the stands who want to scan for instant updates using older analog radios.

    Twice the Capacity
    MOTOTRBO is able to manage large numbers of radios by utilizing TDMA time division multiple
    access which divides the channel into time slots for greater spectrum efficiency. TDMA enables each single repeater to do the work of two repeaters for enhanced call management with private, group, and system-wide calling capability. Digital Means Clarity MOTOTRBO supports audio quality with digital clarity and noise-canceling technology so that everyone is able to connect with one another and communicate more efficiently. MOTOTRBO radios contain a digital signal processor (DSP) that fine-tunes the audio. When a user connects an IMPRES intelligent audio accessory to a MOTOTRBO radio, the accessory provides the radios DSP with a unique set of audio parameters to shape the microphone and speaker frequency responses, ensuring the maximum clarity, volume, and intelligibility of each communication. Fans have become interested in the entertainment aspect of listening in, so we still want an analog system going out for fans who still use analog radios.

    Batteries Go Farther on a Single Charge MOTOTRBO is able to maintain consistent, reliable communications. All digital radios provide improved battery life, and because TDMA digital systems
    utilize batteries more efficiently, users have received up to 18 hours of operation after quick-charging a standard nickel metal hydride battery. Talk-time is now extended and personnel spend less time returning to base to recharge their radios or pick up fresh batteries.

    Robust Enough to Take on the Road
    One key advantage of MOTOTRBO is that its designed to be packed up, moved to a new location and set up, only to be taken down days later and moved again. To withstand that kind of constant use, a radio has to be strong, and MOTOTRBO has proven to be very strong, robust, and durable.

    Source – http://www.motorolasolutions.com/web/Business/Product%20Lines/MOTOTrbo/_Documents/Case_Studies/Static_Files/Events_Nascar_car_racing.pdf

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    Satellite Radio Receiver 

    communication device komputerWith such a lot of information around the net about two way radio with bluetooth’s it’s hard to find the best and generally candid information. here’s an article from a reputable website that i believe as true, don’t quote me on it but please read and enjoy

    Satellite Radio Receivers – The Best of the BestSatellite Radio is the new way to do radio. It has high-quality sound and over 100 different stations-or channels of music and entertainment. Satellite radio comes, as the name entails, from satellites. The two companies that offer satellite radio-XM and Sirius, have Earth-based stations that send information up to the satellites, where they are then sent back down all around the world. From there it’s sent to you in your receiver, where your receiver decodes the information and plays your entertainment. But which receiver should you choose?

    After you choose which Satellite Walkie Talkie company to go with, you need to choose a portable receiver.

    See all 6 photos Audiovox XMCK30PXM Xpress-RC See all 6 photos Jensen Jam Pack Portable Receiver XMXM has the Audiovox XMCK30PXM Xpress-RC satellite radio receiver. It can plug into your car, then plug it into your boom-box at work then to your home docking system when you get home (boom-box and home docking system required, obviously), so you can never be without your 100+ streaming radio stations. In addition to hours of entertainment the system offers a clock, alarm, program alert and sleep timer.

    If you’re a Sirius radio subscriber, there is the Jensen Jam Pack Portable Receiver. Audiovox owns Jensen, so the products are practically the same, and are adaptable to the same boom boxes and home docking systems. The Audiovox receiver is about twice as heavy (at 8 pounds, compared to the Jensen’s 4.1 pounds) and has several added features. With the XM version you can pause and play up to 60 minutes of programming, it can show you what 4 different channels are playing simultaneously, and can alert you when your favorite songs are being played on a station you’re not already listening to. The Audiovox runs for just under $135 on Amazon.com.

    Sirius Satellite Radio Home KitAmazon Price: Too low to display

    List Price: $69.99 See all 6 photos SIRIUS Sportster 5 Satellite Radio Receiver Sirius Satellite two Way Radio Home KitAmazon Price: Too low to display

    List Price: $69.99SiriusSIRIUS Sportster 5 Satellite Radio Receiver with Vehicle Kit will probably be your best bet. Not only is it totally sleek and modern in it’s gun-metal finish, it has more features than you could ever figure out in a day. It can save up to 30 stations and can pause, rewind, replay up to 60 minutes. The Sportster caters to the sports fan (hence the name)-It alerts you when your favorite teams are playing on another station, and you can search through teams from various sports leagues- NFL, NBA, NHL, college sports, etc-instead of flipping through channels trying to find the game you want. But even if you did have to flip through stations, the 30 preset station option makes that as easy as clicking a single button. But if sports aren’t your thing, the SIRIUS Sportster 5 gives great sound quality for all your favorite jams. The $140 is definitely worth the hours of entertainment you’ll get from it in your home, office, car, boat or where ever else you have adaptable speakers.

    Boom-boxes and Home Docking Systems

    Now in order to play that portable satellite radio receiver anywhere besides through your car speakers, you’ll need a boom-box and/or home docking system or two.

    See all 6 photos Audiovox XMAS100 XM Compact Sound System XMFor your aforementioned Xpress portable receiver (or RoadyXT or SKYFi if that’s what you choose) the Audiovox XMAS100 XM Compact Sound System is a compact and simple option. The four 2-inch speakers deliver 16 watts of RMS power behind a simple black and aluminum front.. It’s also compatible with your iPod, or other mp3 player and has a sleek little remote. Being that it’s only 8.2 x 18.5 x 5.6 inches big, you can put it where ever you want your music-night stand, studio apartment, breakfast nook. If you’re like me and like your electronics to take up as little space as possible, but still produce the quality and versatility of the big ones, this is the docking system for you. It sells for about $121 on Amazon.com.

    Audiovox XMAS100 XM Compact Sound SystemAmazon Price: $168.45

    List Price: $149.99 Delphi Roady XT For XM Car & Home Satellite Radio Receiver Current Bid: $9.99 See all 6 photos Sirius SUB-X1 Universal Plug ‘n’ Play See all 6 photos Sirius Soloist Universal Sound System Sirius Soloist Universal Sound SystemAmazon Price: $149.99

    SiriusNow that I’ve talked about the small and sleek and inexpensive, I’m going to rave about the Sirius SUB-X1 Universal Plug ‘n’ Play. It’s only a little bigger at 9.6 x 21.8 x 9.8 inches, but it has quite the presence-it has an old school boom-box-inspired look, handle and all. It even has a battery power option, so now you can walk down the street with music from 1991 playing on your shoulder with the sound quality of 2009. Only with this one you can’t get the bass pumping-it has no bass or treble adjusting option. It’s compatible with Sirius Sportser, Starmate and Stratus portable satellite radio receivers. If the $310 tag is out of your price range, the $130 Sirius Soloist Universal Sound System may be something you could want. It has a tall, wide, flat speaker that gives it not only a gorgeous modern look, but a gorgeous, modern sound as well. It is compatible with Sportster 3 and 4, but not the Sportster 5 we were talking about earlier. It also works with some Stiletto, Stratus and Starmate receivers and your iPod. The detachable antenna is best placed on the roof (as should other waterproof satellite radio receiver antennas) and five built-in equalization settings, among other fun things.

    With the subscriptions, installation fees and not to mention the systems and other gear, the price of switching from your free AM/FM radio can add up quickly. But once you browse through the stations and listen to the sound difference, you won’t regret it. Heck, even Howard Stern switched over years ago, it’s time you did too.

    Other hubs on Satellite Radio Receivers
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    XM and Sirius satellite radio
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    This hub brought to you…by Julie-Ann Amos, professional writer, and owner of international writing agency website
    Why not create your own HubPages? It’s fun and you can make revenue from Adsense and other revenue streams on your pages. JOIN HUBPAGES NOW – SIMPLY CLICK HERE…
    This work is licenced under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License. To view a copy of this licence, visit website or send a letter to CreativeCommons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California94105, USA.

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    Motorola Solutions forecasts results below estimates 

    So to continue my run of content pieces on this website, I have planned to share one of my favorite posts this week. I was tentative to include it to this blog as I really didn’t wish to offend the original author, but I hope he/she is happy that I loved reading their work and wanted to share it with my readers.

    Motorola Solutions Inc, which makes walkie-talkies, rugged mobilecomputers and tablets, forecast weaker-than-expected quarterly results after reporting first-quarter revenue below estimates as orders from government and businesses fell.
    The company said it expects second-quarter adjusted profit of 58-64 cents per share. It also forecast a 5-8 percent fall in revenue, implying revenue of $1.94 billion-$2 billion (1.18 billion pounds).
    Analysts on average were expecting a profit of 84 cents per share on revenue of $2.05 billion, according to Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S
    Motorola expects revenue to fall at a low single-digit rate for the full year.
    “… We will accelerate ongoing cost actions to improve our competitiveness and operating leverage going forward,” Chief Executive Greg Brown said in a statement on Thursday.
    The company said net income fell to $127 million, or 49 cents per share, for the first quarter ended March 29, from $192 million, or 68 cents per share, a year earlier.
    Excluding items, the company earned 50 cents per share, in line with analysts’ estimates.
    Revenue fell 9 percent to $1.8 billion. Analysts expected sales of $1.82 billion.
    Sales in its government unit fell 11 percent to $1.2 billion. Thebusiness, which includes the U.S. government as its largest customer, provides land-mobile-radio systems, The radios and sells video surveillance systems.
    Sales in itsbusinessfell 4 percent due to lower demand for iDEN wireless communication products.
    Motorola will be retaining its iDEN products portfolio after it sells its enterprisebusinessto barcode printer maker Zebra Technologies Corp for $3.45 billion.
    Shares of the company closed at $63.58 on the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday.

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    I Chat, You Chat, but WeChat Is the Way to Be 

    jenis communication deviceThis was originally posted on this website, credit should go them as this is a important article.
    Developed by Tencent Technology, WeChat is not just another messaging app on the block.
    You can do much more than just chatting with this app. WeChat recently launched an e-commerce service. Users can buy and sell products through the app interface. This messaging application also comes with stylish new stickers, avatars and funny icon sets. You can customize the look of WeChat the way you want. The app also lets you pay for your shopping with its integrated e-payment facility. WeChat is already popular in Russia, South East Asia and India. It is all set to dominate the global market.
    Whats So Exciting about WeChat?
    You can do a lot more than exchanging text and voice messages via WeChat. For instance, try using the Moments feature. Access Moments by clicking on the Discover tab and then selecting Moments. Next, you will get three options. You can either take a new photo, choose existing photos from your mobile gallery or you can share your Facebook photos. Choose your preferred option and your photo will be shared with your friends across Facebook and Twitter. However, you will need to link both the SNS accounts with your WeChat profile. Sharing your moments sure makes WeChat exciting!
    Shake to Make Friends
    WeChat uses your phones location service and lets you add new friends with just a shake. You can access this feature from the Discover tab. Select the Shake function and click OK on the Reminder screen. Now give a gentle shake to your device and people who are shaking at the same time will be added to your friend list. This innovation has wowed users and has earned huge fan-following for WeChat! You can also add your own friends in your WeChat list just by shaking your phones together. This Shake feature became so popular that other messaging apps felt compelled to follow the WeChat path and integrate this function into their messenger applications.
    Go the Walkie Talkie Way
    Have you ever seen those heavy, army class walkie talkie devices? As a kid, many of us have dreamt of owning a pair of such gizmos. Now, you can enjoy talking the Two way Radio way with your smartphone. WeChat allows you to do just that with its Walkie talkie feature. You can access this feature by hitting the + icon and then clicking on Walkie Talkie. The moment you hit the button, your group will be automatically notified about your Walkie Talkie invitation. Now, just hold the big talk button at the center of the screen close to your mouth and start talking when the indicator turns green. It is a real life Walkie Talkie experience. And it is fun too! The group can listen to you live as you speak. However, in this mode, only one person is allowed to talk and others should be listeners. You can simply exit this mode by clicking on the Quit button at the upper left corner of the screen.

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    Ex-staffers now in government help Motorola land contracts 

    You can be safe in the knowledge that I bring the top walkie talkie talk posts, several of which are my own several of which are curated by me, when i decide to use someone elses articles its because its appropriate to my readership, so feel confident that you simply are reading the very best from my industry.

    As a Motorola saleswoman from 2004 to 2006, Laura Phillips coached local officials on how to secure state and federal grant money to pay for new public-safety radio equipment.

    Later, Phillips used her knowledge in a much different way.

    When she was put in charge of a government agency overseeing funding for emergency-communication projects in the San Francisco Bay Area, her office shepherded a federal grant that handed her former employer a $50 million deal to build the nations first regional high-speed broadband network for emergency responders.

    The episode shines light on a reverse revolving door: Instead of leaving government for lobbying jobs, numerous Motorola workers have quit their private-sector jobs for government positions in which theyve taken actions benefiting their former employer.

    In Phillips case, critics claimed her office pursued the grant without the knowledge of some of the six affected major cities and counties, and that Motorola competitors got little shot at the deal. Phillips denied favoring Motorola.

    Investigators for the Commerce Departments inspector generals office ultimately concluded that Phillips office rammed through a grant application that was rife with significant misrepresentations, including that a joint authority for 10 Bay Area counties existed a year before its first meeting.

    Phillips wasnt found to have engaged in misconduct, but the project is now dead.

    In Anchorage, Tryg Erickson said he spent more than a quarter-century working as a Motorola salesman before leaving in 2005 to take a job as director of communications and electronics for Alaskas biggest city.

    Two years later, the city bought a $25 million two Way Radio system from Motorola without soliciting proposals. Instead, it adopted terms from a competitively bid contract that the state had awarded to the company in 1999, Erickson recalled.

    The citywide public-safety system was a project, he said, that everyone knew would go to Motorola.

    My previous customer was my predecessor in the city job, he said, and thats not as uncommon as it would seem. Theres pretty much Motorola and anybody else.

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