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    Stadium Management with Kenwood Nexedge 2 Way Radio 

    Boy. The newest communication device selected does not exist is breathtaking. I mean it’s just so beautiful and so sophisticated. I pity individuals who grew up without the two way radio dealers.

    With tens of thousands of people attending individual stadium events for sport and entertainment, the challenges facing management, safety offices and emergency services are both large in scale and complex.

    Reducing the risks of accidents, petty crime, anti-social behaviour, public disorder and even acts of terrorism while managing the efficient flow of spectators, participants, VIPs, vehicles, goods and services at multiple entry and exit points, especially in the event of a major incident, is a major logistical feat.

    In most cases the burden of responsibility to ensure compliance with legislation, best practice and the safety and security of the stadium and those within it falls upon the Stadium Safety Officer. One of the most powerful assets at their disposal in implementating a stadium’s safety and security strategy during events is the ability for all cross functional teams to communicate with each other, their counterparts and the emergency services instantly, reliably and effectively anywhere on site.

    While Kenwood analogue licensed and license-free PMR446 radios have already been proven in service at stadia and events around the world for many years, more and more facilities are upgrading to Kenwood’s NEXEDGE® trunked Digital Two-Way radio solutions to provide clear and reliable multi-user voice and data communications and the flexibility to design a scalable digital radio communications network to suit their range and capacity requirements. NEXEDGE® digital radios additionally feature Analogue/Digital Mixed Mode, which allows them to communicate automatically with any existing analogue radios, whatever the make, to provide a straightforward and economical migration path from analogue to the benefits of advanced digital two way radio communications.

    All NEXEDGE® hand portable walkie talkies additionally conform to MIL-STD-810 C/D/E/F/G for ruggedness and durability and are IP54/55 Water & Dust Intrusion rated, making them ideal for operation in open or harsh environments.

    If you have any kind of questions pertaining to where and how to make use of Motorola two way radio, you could contact us at our page.

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    Two way radio History & Info 

    You might be safe in the knowledge that I bring the very best two way radio not working content pieces, several of them are my very own a few of them are curated by me, if i choose to use somebody elses content it is because it’s appropriate to my readership, so feel confident that you simply are reading the best from my industry.

    The fist radio audio transmitter and receiver that was coined with the name Walkie Talkie was created by Motorola. The group involved created the Motorola SCR-300 using frequency modulation. This first revision was actually backpack mounted.

    Not long afterward, during World War 2, Motorola produced what was called a Handie Talkie which rather confusingly is what we would now recognize as a Walkie Talkie. It had massively reduced performance, but was the first completely self contained handheld device.

    There are 2-way long range walkie talkie radios that will provide long distance rage communication. Many will go as far as 12 miles. The most commonly used walkie talkie devices are the ones that are hand held and contain a button on the side that you push to speak. They are great and come in very handy for many things. They are often used while camping, hiking, shopping, home projects, and even in businesses like construction.

    These walkie talkie devices provide a clear, easily accessible way to talk to someone who is not close enough to speak to face to face. Many of the two-way radios have clips and other accessories like 2-way radio headsets so that the radio can clip to your pant and allow for easy and simple access to the radio.

    The transmission range that the companies typically promote is up to 20 miles although according to the terrain you would be lucky to actually reach a 2 mile limit. Being trained previously in electronics and radio in particular I find walkie talkies to be only as effective as a line of sight signal. If you encounter a hill or mountain you can just about be assured that you will not be able to communicate at all.

    If you have any type of questions relating to where and the best ways to make use of 2 way radio, you can call us at our own web-page.

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    Motorola Posts Disappointing Q1 On Government Slowdown, Narrowbanding Impact 

    walkie talkie codesThis was originally posted on this website, credit should go them as this is a important article.

    Motorola Solutions (NYSE:MSI) recently announced a weak set of Q1 2014 results, as government revenues fell 11% and operating profits by 21% over the same period last year due to a higher-than-expected overhanging impact of narrowbanding in North America. A sustained decline in the federal business also had an impact on government revenues, and the company expects only a modest improvement this year from the government shutdown-related lows of last year. The company’s enterprise revenues, excluding iDEN, declined just 1% over the same period last year – recovering gradually from recent macroeconomic uncertainties and offsetting some of the impact of the under-performing government division. Motorola expects the demand environment, especially in the government business, to remain challenging in the near term, with government sales expected to decline by 8-11% in the second quarter.
    In order to focus singularly on its government business, which accounts for almost 70% of its total revenues, Motorola has decided to sell off its enterprise division to Zebra Technologies for $3.45 billion in cash. The company expects the deal to close by the end of the year, following which the excess capital will be returned to shareholders “in a timely manner”. The enterprise sale provides Motorola with an opportunity to restructure and reduce costs in keeping with the current business environment. Motorola expects to cut around $200 million in operating costs over the next 18-24 months. We have a slightly revised $65 price estimate for Motorola, which is about in line with the current market price.
    Narrowbanding And Federal Impact
    One of the biggest reasons that Motorola mentioned for its top-line under-performance last quarter was its lower-aged government backlog in North America. The company acknowledged that it underestimated the impact of narrowbanding in previous years, which had led to record years in 2012 and 2011. Motorola’s government revenues in those years were boosted by the narrowbanding mandate issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which necessitated a switch to a more efficient spectrum band for public safety operations. With most of the narrowbanding-related equipment upgrades now complete and government agencies going slow on their capital spending, Motorola’s government business faces near-term growth concerns.
    The tough year-over-year comparison was accentuated by a challenging federal environment in the aftermath of the recent government shutdown in September. In the fourth quarter, Motorola had suffered a revenue hit of about $150 million in its federal business. Since most of this shortfall wasn’t deferred, Motorola was unable to recoup the losses in Q1. The federal slump should continue in the near term, with government sales expected to decline by about 9.5% at the mid-point of guidance. However, for the full-year, the company expects a solid back-half recovery to help stem the slide to the low-to-mid single digits. The downside is limited by the fact that public safety is usually down the priority list of areas in which governments will look to cut their spending. As a result, we see any further impact to government revenues from sequestration, or the spending cuts that the federal government started implementing, being fairly muted.
    LTE Transition And Margins Key To Long-term Fundamentals
    Going forward, we see the adoption of LTE for public-safety use, along with the broader trend of analog-to-digital shift in the U.S. and internationally, as the key drivers of Motorola’s value. U.S. public safety spending in the coming years will be bolstered by the job creation bill passed in 2012 that reallocated the D Block spectrum for public safety use and provided a funding of $7 billion to build out a nationwide network over eight years. We expect Motorola to benefit from the stickiness of its government customers as well as its strong market position and large installed base of security devices to grab a big chunk of that market going forward. The company’s recent launch of APX 7000L, its first 2 way Radio that works both on legacy LMR (Land Mobile Radio) and next-generation 4G LTE networks, bolsters our view that Motorola has positioned itself strongly to benefit from the LTE transition in the years to come (see Motorola Solutions Sharpens LTE Focus With First 4G-Capable Radio For Public Safety).
    It is also a good sign for the future that the company has been successful in driving efficiency through its operations over the last couple of years, and expects to accelerate those efforts in the coming quarters. Despite the top-line concerns and significant operating leverage in the business, Motorola expects operating margins to improve by almost a percentage point to 18.5% in 2014, benefiting mostly from the the cost controls in place as well as the $200 million in cost cuts expected over the next two years. Going forward, we expect the operational efficiencies to more than offset the gross-margin decline that could result from rising competition in the coming years as rivals increasingly address the ongoing transition of public safety networks from analog to digital.

    If you have any kind of concerns regarding where and just how to utilize two way radio, you can contact us at our own website.

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    Three Places Where Two-Way Radios Can Improve Customer Service for Outdoor Retail and Service. 

    communication device listThis website is amazing! i never thought that this would ever get made as an website….hope everyone enjoys it
    Forestry Suppliers, a leading supplier of forestry, agricultural, environmental and surveying equipment for outdoor professional use, released a statement today detailing the benefits and uses of two way radio communication to improve efficiency and customer service for industries with stationary workstations, such as gas stations and travel centers; outdoor recreation businesses such as canoe and kayak rentals, zip line courses, and campgrounds; and outdoor retail operations like nurseries and entertainment venues.
    Speed and efficiency are more important than ever for jobs involving customer service. A 2012 study from American Express found that on average, customers tell 15 people about their good customer service experiences but share their bad experiences with 24 people. To deliver top-notch customer service, businesses need the right tools – and for many, two-way radios are part of their toolkit.
    The key to better customer service and operations is instant communication between employees. Some industries have employees both in the field and within a storefront, working in collaboration. Using two-way radio communication for the three tasks below can raise the level of customer service by enabling instant communication from the front office to more mobile areas of the business:
    1. Check Stock. Sales representatives can get updates on an item’s stock status without leaving their post within the retail area. While back-office staff check the status and bring items up, sales reps can continue serving the customer by answering additional questions and creating a positive experience.
    2. Resolve Issues and Emergencies: While performing their duties, managers and other coworkers can sometimes be difficult to locate. Walkie talkies make communication quick and easy. Plus, two-way radios offer a more discreet communication method compared with storewide speaker systems that disrupt a pleasant shopping experience. For employees confined to a workstation as well as workers who are rarely at a desk (and a telephone landline), two-way radios provide a solution that puts customer service at the forefront.
    3. Prepare for Customers’ Arrival: As customers arrive for outdoor recreation activities such as kayaking or zip lining, two-way radios can improve efficiency and the customer service experience. Check-in staff use two-way radios to alert back-office or outdoor staff to the size and needs of the group. The back office staff can then prepare for the group’s arrival, gathering items such as kayaks, paddles, life jackets, and other safety gear. The extra prep time allows the group to begin their activity sooner and with a positive customer service experience.
    Companies seeking to improve their customer service capabilities should consider using business radios, such as Motorola’s CLS Series of two-way radios (short for Clear, Light, and Simple). The Motorola CLS Series radios are compact, lightweight, economical, and long lasting with up to 14 hours of battery life per charge. The CLS is easy to use with its push-to-talk feature, requiring little to no training.
    Forestry Suppliers is a Motorola authorized business two-way radio reseller offering RM Series, RDX Series, and CLS Series business radios and has carried Motorola products for more than 30 years. For more information on their selection of radios, contact their Technical Specialists at 800-430-5566 or visit them online.
    Online Special! Now through June 30, 2014, customers can get a free Motorola RM Series or CLS Series business radio or a 6 bank multi-unit charger after purchasing six radios of the same series. See full details online at http://MotorolaSavings.com.
    About Forestry Suppliers: 
    Forestry Suppliers, Inc. is a worldwide supplier and distributor of general-use and specialty products and equipment for natural resource professionals. Their annual catalog and website contains a complete selection for a wide range of outdoor industries, including forestry, agriculture, arboriculture, landscaping, horticulture, grounds maintenance, surveying, engineering, remote sensing, vegetation management, construction, home inspection, utilities, wildland fire fighting, geology and mining, archaeology, anthropology, parks and recreation, golf courses, wildlife management, fisheries and aquaculture, earth science education, environmental engineering, hazmat, and remediation.
    Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/1999134#ixzz35CNNvhFS

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    Pros and Cons of Open Source 2 way radio Software 

    Anyway ladies and gentlemen, i’ve one more brilliant walkie talkie protocol piece of writing to read, i know, you do not need to thank me each and every one, just click a social like to the short article to demonstrate your appreciation.

    When choosing which piece of software to use you usually have the option of using licensed software that you have to pay for, or open source software, which not only do you not have to pay for, but the source code is also made available to you. You may immediately think that, since you do not have to pay for it, open source software is always the way to go, but that is not always the case as, depending on the situation, it may be better to pay the possibly high cost of licensed software for the benefits it has.

    The benefits of open source software are numerous. As just mentioned, the foremost benefit of open source software is that it can be used at no cost to you or your company. All you need to do is download it. One of the other major benefits of open source software is the fact that its source code is freely available to you. This means that if you so desire, you can modify it yourself to make the software work to your liking. This is extremely helpful, as if you need a similar piece of software to one that is offered in the open source community, but that certain piece doesn’t have a feature you need, you can add that feature yourself. Also available is a multitude of ways to receive free support, and view the possibly vast documentation online.

    Open source software does, however, need a dedicated community. The MOTOTRBO two way radio system is open source. I’m not certain what the development community is like for this product. Without one there won’t be enough people to keep the project going on all fronts. If there aren’t enough people working on the software itself, necessary updates will not get out in good time or coding may come completely to a halt.

    Not only do there need to be enough coders, but there also has to be a large and dedicated support community working on the software documentation too. The community needs to be able to constantly update the documentation to match the changes taking place with the software, and make sure it is written well and readily available to users.

    Sometimes though, open source software is not the answer and it is better to go with licensed software, even though you could end up paying hundreds of dollars for it. One of the most obvious cases is if there isn’t an open source equivalent of the software that you need, or if the open source equivalent isn’t quality software. Another reason to choose licensed software over open source is that the open source software just doesn’t contain a feature you need and you don’t have the means or the time to add it in yourself, or it’s just not worth it to do so.

    One other reason is that you need quality technical support for the product. While open source software can have quality support, it is usually quicker and better for licensed products because there is usually a phone line available and a much larger community.

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    Emergency services prepare for TT influx 

    walkie talkie youthAgain a different short article i thought was interesting around the subject matter of Radio’s, what would you need to do if i didn’t post this ehh? you would have to find the original content, the chances that you found it would be slim, so deem yourself lucky that i’ve shared this excellent short article with you.

    Months of planning and preparation are almost complete as the Island’s emergency services gear-up for a huge influx of visitors and their busiest two weeks of the year.

    The Department of Home Affairs says its overriding aim in policing the festival and reacting to emergencies is to ensure a safe and successful TT.

    During the fortnight, every police officer and firefighter in the Isle of Man is likely to be called on.
    The arrival of tens of thousands of visitors at one time presents many challenges, in particular on the roads which will see a huge increase in traffic.

    The roads policing unit is promising ‘strict enforcement’ of its 2014 TT safety campaign, under the slogan ‘For All Our Sakes, Slow Down’.

    The Island’s TETRA radio system which is used to coordinate response to accidents, will handle many thousands of calls during the two week practice and race period.

    Home affairs minister Juan Watterson says the integrated communications operation – handled under one roof and used by police officers, fire crews, marshals, ambulance staff and race controllers – reduces response time and will ultimately help save lives.

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    Why isn’t there a Dick Tracy style Walkie Talkie wristwatch on the market 

    I have observed tons of education on this site it is the best

    Before I answer your question, I have a question for you; what’s the weather like in the City of Angels?

    Because right now, as I type this from my home in Southampton, UK, its bloody freezing and if it’s warmer where you are, then I think I may have to answer your question in person!

    Just kidding.

    On to your question, does it matter if the watch isn’t ‘Dick Tracy’ branded? Because if that’s what you’re after, then I’m sorry to say that, to the best of my knowledge at least, a ‘Dick Tracy’ branded two-way radio wristwatch doesn’t exist. If/when they make another DT movie (the last time they did, I was a little boy and I had the promotional T-shirt, so we must be due for one), then it seems likely that they will make one.

    However, if you just want a two-way radio in the form of a wristwatch, then actually, you’re in luck. Two-way radio watches, like those used by Dick Tracy, do indeed exist and are available for purchase as I type this. They don’t appear to have gotten big as a consumer item (which is somewhat odd, when you think about it), but you never know, you could start a trend.

    Wow. I’ve actually finished early this time out, I’ve still got a fair old bit of space to use up. What I’ll do, then, is list a few of the available products for you.

    First, there’s the XACT X2X Wristlinx, which boasts 22 available channels and a 1.5-mile range, then there’s the AGPtek Multi-channels wrist-operated Walkie Talkie which, clumsy name aside, offers 5 hours of talk time and full headset/headphone compatibility (though quite how attaching headphones to your wrist would work is anyone’s guess), although it only has 12 hours of time display before the batteries conk out of you (and, somewhat disappointingly, it has no back-up power source), this isn’t really a bad bit of kit. After those two, there are a bunch of variations on a theme, most of which can be ordered via Amazon, they are usually priced between $45 and $95, but you can probably find a bargain if you look around a bit.

    So, as I shuffle off to bed in time for my long winter’s nap, I hope I’ve helped answer your question, Nadia. Enjoy the weather while you can, you’ll miss it when it’s gone!

    If you loved this information and you would like to receive details concerning Motorola two way radio generously visit our page.

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